It is said,”You don’t pray for opportunity, you prepare for one”. I firmly believe in the latter phrase of this saying, though, not elevating the former phrase above the latter phrase,but for the sake of this writing, which is in this regard, preparation.

Many great privileges await us. However, it is our preparedness that guarantees us access to such privileges. The question I will like to put to you now is that, how fully equipped are you for the great opportunity that lie ahead of you?.

God never created any super man. What God did at man’s creation was this, He made man and put in man what make man God on earth. In short, man has the God ability vested inside of him. Alas! many a man are ignorantly not aware of the God’s own ability that lie within him. The ability to call things forth into reality, the creative ability of the hand, the power and Authority that rest on the tongue,these and many more which lie dormant and untapped in many.

Every man whom we see doing exploit or ‘great’ men in history who shook the world in their time or even men whom we tag ‘super’, are not who we actually think they are. Or better said, these Men are not actually different from you and I. What distinguish them from other men has been the ability to tap into the ‘God’ in them. This process of usage of the God ability in these men, over a period of time, is the process of their preparation in disguise, which latter propel them into the world of impact makers and history breakers of their time.
We(You and I) are expected to dance the dance of relevance on the stage of life before taking a bow out.

No man ever rise to fame or stardom suddenly. All great men did the needful first; Preparation. None of them ever despise their days of little beginning, their time of preparation and the avenue accorded to them to use their God’s ability, no matter how small their audience might be.

Do you know why you will never disappoint your audience (your generation)? You have  devoted your time, energy and resources to prepare adequately for your day of manifestation.Your world will stand in awe of you. Therefore, get set! get ready! get prepared! for your day of manifestation is closer than you least expect.

“The earnest expectation of the creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God “

(c) Abaire Olawale

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